Gender Pay Gap Report

Gender Pay Gap Report

 Introduction and Overview

 The UK Gender Pay Gap Regulations require employers with over 250 employees to report their gender pay gap. The report allows for an analysis of any differences in average earnings between males and females, irrespective of their role, length of service or seniority.

As of 5th April 2023, The Encore Group (Encore) employed 284 people over 3 sites in the UK.  We are a multi-site manufacturing operation that makes a large range of printed envelopes and packaging products, supplying a diverse client base.

Of the 284 employed, 86 are female (30%) and 198 are male (70%).

 Gender Pay Gap in Hourly Pay

  •  Our mean gender pay gap is 12%.
  • Our median gender pay gap is 7.8%.

At 12%, Encore’s mean gender pay gap is considerably lower than the UK gender pay gap among all employees of 14.3%.

Encore’s median gender pay gap is 7.8% which is a significant improvement in comparison to last year when it was 11.6%. It also shows that this is continually improving year on year.

Our gender pay gap is not an equal pay issue as we know that across our business, men and women are paid equally for performing equivalent jobs and roles.

 Bonus Gender Pay Gap

  • Our mean bonus gender pay gap is 4.7%.
  • Our median bonus gender pay gap is 4%.

Both of these figures have improved considerably from last year at 13.4% (mean bonus) and 11.1% (median bonus). Our mean bonus gender pay gap is driven primarily by having more men than women employed across the business.

The main contributor to the payment of bonuses is an annual scheme where all staff have the opportunity to earn a bonus and most staff get the same amount paid to them.  And in the most recent reporting year the company also paid seasonal bonuses in winter and summer.  Gender was not a factor in any of these and will never be a factor in any bonus decisions the company makes in future.

Proportion of Males & Females Receiving a Bonus Payment

  • 94% of women received a bonus payment.
  • 93% of men received a bonus payment.

As previously stated, all staff have the opportunity to earn a bonus and gender is not a consideration in eligibility or payment amount.

Pay Quartiles



No. of Female Staff No. of Male Staff % Female % Male
Upper Quartile 8 63 11.3% 88.7%
Upper Middle Quartile 17 54 23.9% 76.1%
Lower Middle Quartile 38 33 53.5% 46.5%
Lower Quartile 23 48 32.4% 67.6%

The fact that the lower pay quartile is majority male confirms that we are not paying women less than their male colleagues or placing female employees in the “lowest paid” jobs.

However, the upper quartile shows that we employ a significant higher number of males. This is primarily driven by having more men than women in senior or specialist roles which naturally carry higher salaries.


 Equality and Diversity are very important to The Encore Group, and we are a diverse organisation in relation to both gender and other characteristics. We remain committed to ensuring fairness and gender equality throughout the organisation so that equal opportunities exist for all our staff based on their job role and their performance.

A gender pay gap does not necessarily indicate unequal pay within an organisation. We are satisfied that men and women are paid equally for performing equivalent jobs and roles.

However, we do acknowledge that our Gender Pay Gap is driven by a lack of women in senior or specialist roles. Development of our key competencies (for all roles) has started to help addressing this balance.

I verify that the data provided in this report is accurate and correct to the best of my knowledge.

Gary Joyce

Financial Director

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